Favorite back to school buys!

Fave back to school buys

A confession: I love to shop!  I love to shop for clothes for myself, clothes and toys for my son, and school supplies!  I try to be cautious and not go overboard, but even browsing is fun for me.  I wanted to share a few ideas from my recent outings that you can pick up to use in your classroom this year.

I get many school supplies from the Dollar Tree!  They had great purple and pink paper clips a few years ago.  I also bought a pack of pink and green push pins that I still use.  Also, they have cut out letters for bulletin boards.  I used them to make a Boggle board on my bulletin board.  They also had magazine holder boxes!  My folders from last year were way too flimsy, so I want to get these boxes for my FVR books.  Also, I always pick up about 5-6 ear buds for listening activities in class when students forget theirs.

This year, I stopped by Michael’s, and they had so many great items!  Michaels can be more expensive, but I always Google Michaels coupons.  This week I got 40% off one item and 20% off my whole purchase.  Since I teach in two divisions this year, I was really diligent with my planners- and I love them!  I have two- one for my plans week to week and an overall planner.  I loved the Michael’s stickers that they had for planners.  It will make my planning that. much. better.  They had many of their large letters on sale.  I passed, but I want to go back and get “LEER” for my bookcase.  Finally, I picked up some jewels for the interpersonal bootcamp!  They had really cute office desk decor and organization decor.

On my list still are a pack of multi colored bracelets for easy grouping and a cheaper, but good pack of colorful pens.  They always seem so expensive!  What are your favorites?  Now it is your turn!  What have you found going back to school shopping that you love?  I also follow Target Teachers which is fabulous!

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