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Additional Quizizz support and ideas for exam review

As I have mentioned before, I really like using Quizizz this year.  However, I wanted to mention some features that I have been using more recently that would also help during exam review.

If you create a quiz, you can search for other quizzes and pick and choose the questions to add to your own quiz.Search for questions on Quizizz.png

You can search for a topic or textbook.  Quizizz has plenty of resources for you to choose questions.  If you use novels, I saw many questions based on popular Spanish novels.  Once you find a question that you like, you can hit the “plus” button to add it to your quiz.

Select your question on Quizizz.png

You can add as many questions as you like and then finalize the quiz.  Once your quiz is finalized, you are ready to play!  You can play in class if you choose play live.

However, the other feature that I really like is the ability to assign it as homework. Instead of playing “live” which can be done if you would like to do so during class, you can choose homework.

Assign for homework.png

You can set the date to end the game as well as other settings such as a timer, leaderboard etc.  Then, Quizizz gives instructions for you to give your students.  Each game has a code.  Students go to and enter the code that their teacher gave them.  It brings them to the practice that they can complete whenever they choose.  For my students, I opened old and new practices for them to practice for their exam.  I really appreciate how quickly I can do this even if I am creating a new game by using other Quizizz questions.  Finally, if you do not have students who have internet access, you can print off copies for them to complete at home.  If you are looking for extra practice for your students during this exam time, I highly recommend looking at Quizizz!



5 thoughts on “Additional Quizizz support and ideas for exam review

  1. Thanks so much for the reminder! I have made my own games but just finished Alma as a Movie Talk and there are already prepared games with memes! (Very helpful at this time of year.)

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