Brillante Viernes: May 27, 2016

Brillante Viernes May 27

Happy Friday!  The sun is finally out, and it is warm!  It is a long weekend, and we have two more weeks of school.  Hopefully you have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend, and you have time to catch up on some blogs!  I also wanted to highlight a few ideas on what you can do now to make the beginning of the year better:

  1.  I always am excited to find a new blog!  Especially when the blogger lives in Maryland like me!  Check out Arelle’s blog about comprehensible input.
  2. I keep reading about Adobe Spark, and FreeTech4Teachers blogs about 10 uses for the classroom.
  3. This is a great online field trip through Tokyo that could be done in any language.
  4. I love this adaptation of the superhero lesson in French for Middle School- What Disney character are you?
  5. Also, these posts are full of great ideas to do know, so you are ready for the beginning of the school year!  Even if you only do one or two things- that is one or two things that you will not have to do in August!

Here are some flashbacks to previous years:

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