EdcampMetroDC reflections

Reflections from EdcampMetroDC
I am blessed to work with these awesome people for EdcampMetroDC

This Saturday, I spent a wonderful morning with educators at EdcampMetroDC.  We had a ton of first time edcampers, and that was awesome!  Each year, I take away a lot of information after each day.  This year, I learned a lot in the smackdown.  Here were some of my favorites:

  • I have been using Canva for my blog, but I know that some teachers haven’t.  It is great to create online graphics.  It is so easy to use!
  • The Educator’s Lab is here in DC.  They are having a TeacherHack PD day this summer on June 21st.  Many teachers have ideas but feel that they don’t have time to turn their ideas into a reality.  Educator’s Lab provides a day for teachers to bring their ideas into reality/fruition.  Plus they have consultants that can help you.  How awesome is that?!  If you are interested in attending, email me at marisdemosthenes AT gmail.com, and I can email you a discount.
  • I can’t believe that I hadn’t heard of the Google Cultural Institute.  They have great views of art projects and wonders of the world.  You can also create your own collections.
  • If you use Google Apps for Education, have you heard of Hapara?  It is an instructional management system.
  • Finally, if you are like me and always have 20 tabs open, Chrome has an extension called One Tab that converts all of your tabs into a list. (Say what?!  I know!)

Finally, I want to thank Chip, Emily, Matt and Jess for facilitating the edcamp with me.  We all teach in different styles of schools, but I am reinvigorated by their energy and spirit.  Each day I know that we are working to be better educators, and I am honored to be in their presence.  Each year, we change things up- from the time of the day to the raffle, I really like how we can change the edcamps.  To read other reflections on the day, check out Margaret and Matt’s blogs.

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