Developing presentational writing

Developing Presentational Writing

As my students continue to prepare for their final IPA, I wanted them to work on their skills for presentational writing.  This is a bit difficult for me to plan because I haven’t specifically worked on this in class before.  It is easier for me to specifically target one or two things in the rubric.  I was inspired by Martina Bex to try this activity.

I started with a running dictation relay.  I spread 7 different sentences around the room that could be in a letter.  Students completed this with a partner in a traditional running dictation style.  Then, I had students put all of the sentences together in a paragraph focusing on making it more coherent.  Many times my students will write sentences, but they do not combine them cohesively.  This allowed them to focus on that part.  Once students completed the assignment, they compared letters.

I liked this activity for numerous reasons.  I liked that I could model the sentences for them.  The base sentences also made it easier for students to compare work and see how each group treated the challenge.  I also like that it was more kinesthetic before they sat down to write.  When we practice writing, I like to allow students to be more engaged.


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