The benefits of becoming a language learner

Mensa Latina

Yesterday, the cool Latin teachers allowed me to take part in Mensa Latina which is when they bring lunch, and all the students speak Latin together.  I know that this is a new trend in Latin, but it is interesting to see it play out as Latin teachers become more like modern language teachers.  The goal was to discuss family and pets.  It was easy for me (a novice) that there was a theme, and we were not expected to just talk about our lives.  One of my main reasons to go was because there was Cava  and baklava (which is amazing if you are in the DC area!), but it was cool to watch other teachers teach and remember what it was like to be a language learner.

Latin foods... and crazy feta

  • I really appreciated that they had everything labelled!  I was able to remember words later when I wanted to say “good bread!”  (It was also easier for me since it was similar to Spanish.)
  • I love that they had the Latin family tree via the Simpsons!  This is such a modern language thing that I see all the time.  I was glad to have the reference.
    Picture of Familia Tuo
  • If I spoke in Spanish (ha!), a student would yell at me “Tantum Latine.” (Only Latin!)
  • I learned the phrase “habeo” and related that to Spanish.  I also tried to speak in Latin by adding “um” to the end of Spanish words- just like a student.

It was exciting to feel like a novice low student again.  Has anyone done a “spoken” language lunch?  How do you set it up?  (If you follow me on Twitter, you can see a video of two of our Latin teachers in action!)

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