An example of my new interpretive readings


Amy Lenord has mentioned uncomo before, and I thought that I would get to it… and it was great!  As I wrote before, I am working on how to develop my interpretive assessments.  I created two interpretive readings for different articles that I wanted to share with others who are working through this process:

The first article is about tips on how to be healthier at work.  I am including the activity that my students completed below:

interpretive reading 

In addition, with my blended class, I found an article about how to decorate your bedroom according to Feng Shui.  I developed a Google Form with questions about the article.  The Google Form was easy to navigate, and I liked how I could separate my questions into sections.

6 thoughts on “An example of my new interpretive readings

  1. This was a great article! I have been overwhelmed reading everyone’s interpretations, blogs and units about CI. I HAVE TO use a textbook at my school and have been apprehensive about CI and proficiency but this helps me know that I can do it!!!

    1. Thanks so much! I want to encourage everyone that they do not have to start by throwing out a textbook and not teaching anything like their co teachers. I think for most people it isn’t realistic- I know it isn’t for me!!

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