More Brain Breaks in the Target Language

Brain Breaks in the Target Language

Happy Monday!  My last brain breaks was extremely popular, so I wanted to add on some more brain breaks that you could use especially as we are getting closer to summer!

  1. This number spots addition would be tricky!  Each student has a partner.  The partner points to two different spots on his or her own body.  The other student must name the numbers and add them.  Here are the spot numbers: right shoulder= 1, right ear= 2, nose= 3, left ear= 4, and left shoulder= 5.  This would be a good review of numbers and body parts.
  2. This “junk bag” brain break reminds me of the higher order questions for students.  A teacher takes out an object such as a marker or a toy, and students say what you can or cannot do with it.  If you add what you cannot do with it, it would be more accessible for lower level students.  For example, you cannot swim with a pen.  Then students share their answers.
  3. The symbolic alphabet (from the same website) would also be good in partners.  Students can say words that start with the letter instead of the letter in the target language.  This would also be a great warm-up activity.  For beginners, you may want to help with certain letters.
  4. I am sure that most of us have used line-up activities, but I like the new ideas here.  Some of them include- who ate pizza most recently, time you went to bed last night and who has the longest thumb!
  5. I like the idea of a smile break and you could chat about the image in the target language!
  6. There is an online game of Boggle which would be fun to do as well for two minutes.
  7. Finally, the sentence game would be good to do at the end of the year!  One student states one word, then another student repeats their word and add another word.  Then the third student repeats the first two words until they form a complete sentence, and no one can add anything onto the sentence.  You can collect the sentences and see which class can create the longest sentence.

Have you tried any of the other brain breaks?  What is your favorite brain break?



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