Río Roma: Eres la persona correcta en el momento equivocado

Eres la persona correcta

I just saw this video which is perfect to discuss in Spanish!  It is the music video for Eres la persona correcta en el momento equivocado!  I am a sucker for a good romantic video, but this video kept me on the edge of my seat.  What will the girl finally decide?!  Who will she choose?!

I made a cloze activity with the song.  It would be good to discuss this theme before.  Have they ever seen a movie or video with this theme?  (My Best Friend’s Wedding anyone?)  Then, you can watch the video, pausing it in key moments to discuss.  What just happened?  What did that note say?  What would you do?  Who should she go to?

Finally, I saw a fun activity to do at the end.  The students will take a selection of words from the box and write either a story or a conversation with those words.  It is a nice extension activity to the song.  Check out the video!

Note! In class, I noticed a shot where you can see part of her bra.  This may or may not be appropriate for your class, but check it out before showing it.

rio roma eres la persona correcta

7 thoughts on “Río Roma: Eres la persona correcta en el momento equivocado

  1. If you like romance, try these two music videos: He llorado by Juan Magan and Me voy enamorando by Chino y Nacho.

  2. This is fenomenal! When I use this, I will come up with a story to read before doing a movie talk. Thanks for sharing!

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