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Brillante Viernes: April 1, 2016

Brillante Viernes: April 1
I stole this picture from my husband!

Happy April Fools!  I remember when I taught in elementary school that April Fools Day was a little rough.  Many students did not understand what constituted a prank and just ran around saying April Fools!  Let’s be honest, I always fall for a few pranks.  Hopefully you can get out this weekend and enjoy some spring weather, and read some great blog posts:

  1. Laura posted some great tips on using technology!
  2. I really like this variation of the weekend chat.  I also like the details it gives for students who “don’t know what they did” over the weekend.
  3. #langchat was pretty hopping last week!  Check out the summary on how to use novels in the language classroom.
  4. And to summarize it ALL: Kindness costs nothing.

Flashback to previous entries:

  1. Kahoot is still one of my students’ favorite games, and I previewed Ghost Mode last year.
  2. Laura posted “what kind of teacher are you?” questions to which I responded.
  3. One of my colleagues presented on learning and memory.
  4. I learned an idea to have students “pop-up” to share their ideas by my colleague which is perfect for middle school.
  5. Rasel’s Viven is a fun song!
  6. Also- I shared some Friday before Spring Break ideas… or maybe Monday back from Spring Break ideas for you!

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