Noticias: 29 de marzo


I thought I would add another news article to my group.  The topics for this edition include:

  • Uber is coming to Argentina
  • Restrictions on boats through the Panama Canal
  • Movies from this week in Bolivia
  • South American soccer qualifying games for the World Cup

To introduce these articles, I would have students brainstorm about what they know about the Panama Canal (or canals in general).  Then, they could answer questions about any movies that they have seen recently.  Also, have your students ever taken an uber?  Does Uber exist where you live?  You can preview the article also by saying that Uber is going to a South American country and have students guess where.  As a post reading activity, you can check out Uber’s Argentina’s webpage.  Also, you can have students search for the results of the upcoming soccer games.

Noticias Marzo II

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