Technology interpretive reading


I am currently developing a technology unit for my Spanish II class.  I have discovered many authentic resources that will help my students.  I also want to try to move away from always using infographics.

The overall goal is for students to be able to explain what their favorite app is and why they use is.  This really breaks down the purpose of my reading which means that students have to be able to explain how an app works in Spanish as well as offer an opinion on these apps.

First, I want to introduce some of the vocabulary that is used around the social networks.  This infographic (I know!  I really liked it and am moving away from them later!) shares how young people use social networks in Colombia.  I want students to add a few words that they found useful to a list on Padlet.  Then, this infographic leads to an easy whole class discussion.  Do they use the apps listed?  When do they use the different apps?  Do they follow celebrities?  Do they “stalkear”?  What do they use to listen to music?  Do they eliminate pictures when they do not get any likes?  These questions are basic, so students can answer earlier in the unit.  Also, I want to take a survey of all of my classes similar to the line graph.  Do my students’ technology uses mirror the graph in the picture?

Next, students will divide into groups and summarize different parts of this article.  (FYI- there is a picture that is not appropriate, but you can print out the article and remove it.)  They will focus on one section which I think makes this article more accessible.  One group will summarize Snapchat, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook/Twitter.  Using their own experiences and this article, they will write a 5-6 sentence summary of how they use their assigned app in their groups.

After this, I will put all of the groups’ summaries together.  Students will read all of the summaries together.  Then, students will mark any sentence that they disagree with or want to change.  Once they read all of the summaries, I will put the students in groups.  One person will start with one of the sentences they marked to change or with which they disagree.  Students in the group will explain in Spanish (briefly!) how they would change it or if they agree or disagree.  I will provide them with this list to help.  The students can also just restate how they would state the sentence.  I will model this first.  Then the next person will state one of the sentences that they marked.  Students will continue until they talk about all of the sentences that they marked.  They do not have to repeat sentences if more than one person marked them in the group.  After students complete this activity, they will present how they use one of the apps listed.  They can also choose another app if they would like.


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