Have you tried the new Quizlet game?!  Many foreign language teachers use Quizlet, and I read on the forum FLTeach about this new “Live” game.  If you do not have access to this game, you can email beta at quizlet.com to request quizlet.live.  Here is how the game works:Quizlet Live!


  1. You need at least six people or teams to join.
  2. You decide on the flashcard set, and you click on live.  (You can do this on your own flashcard set or pick another group of flashcards from another user.)
  3. Students then put in the six-digit code that is on your computer.  Once they are in, Quizlet divides each group into teams.  (My teams during F block were the Otters and Reindeer.)  You then start the game.  You can shuffle teams if you would like.
  4. Each group has twelve words divided among them.
  5. Each team is racing to get all of their words correctly entered.
  6. A word flashes on the screen, and ONLY the person in the group with that word will click on it.  Everyone else leaves their words online.
  7. Another word will flash on the screen, then the person in the group which has that word will click on it.  The other groups do NOT click anything.
  8. All groups continue until one group gets all twelve words correct; however, if one person gets a word wrong, that group starts back at zero.
  9. You keep the same words unless someone puts the word in incorrectly.  Your words are eliminated as you go which makes it easier.
Quizlet Live
We finally won!

It was definitely a fun game, and it was so easy because everyone already has the Quizlet sets ready.  I did not have to do any prep work ahead of time.  Enjoy this new game!

6 thoughts on “Quizlet-Live!

  1. Maris, I recommend you to check the Quizalize’ team view! With this amazing tool students are automatically grouped in teams and they compete against each other, plus students see how their teams are doing. It’s super easy and fun! Here is the link where you can sign up free. https://www.quizalize.com/ Espero que te guste! : )

  2. I am a teacher and I don’t know how to give my kids a code to join a game. I don’t even know how to set up a game. Can you reply ASAP?

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