Brillante Viernes: March 11, 2015

Brillante Viernes: March 11

Happy Friday!  Who is on spring break?  I still have one more week and grades due next week, so I may be running on pure caffeine.  Hopefully, the weather has taken a turn for the better for you wherever you are!  If you are on break (or need inspiration for next week), here are some of my favorite blog posts:

  1. I really like the prompts that these students used to discuss during class.
  2. This is a great mini unit on Las Fallas by Alison.
  3. CSCTFL is this weekend.  (I am so jealous that I am not there!)  Sara-Elizabeth and Bryan shared their slides from their presentations.
  4. I love food blogs!  We just finished our unit on food, but I wish that I had used this blog in Spanish.  It has gorgeous pictures!  I will bookmark it for next year.

Flashback to previous years in case you missed it:

  1. I found a quick tip for a story retell.
  2. I also shared some school and restaurant authentic resources that I used.
  3. I made a worksheet for Leslie Grace’s Nadie como tú which is still one of my favorite songs, but the video is so strange!
  4. I also try to add in some spontaneous listening activities.
  5. I was busy adding new songs in early March!  Prince Royce’s Cosas Pequeñas also made the list!
  6. I compiled some of my preterite questions for Chaos.  In class, I have compiled all of my previous assessment questions to create a quick interview/speed dating activity that was successful.

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