Brillante Viernes: March 4, 2016

Brillante Viernes: March 3
Downtown Greenville, SC

Happy Friday!  We are back from Greenville, and my family loved it.  It was such a nice downtown, and there were tons of parks.  We have seen a bit of warmth up here then it is supposed to snow again today.  I am ready for spring.  The countdown to spring break is real and it is on (two weeks!)  In DC, we are supposed to have 70 degree weather though next week, and I will take it.  Here are some of my favorite blog posts to read this weekend:

  1. I feel like I keep playing around with my rubrics.  Colleen included her presentational writing rubric here.
  2. I really love Kristy’s Instagram project!  I want to adapt it for Noche de Oro which should be easy to do.
  3. I really like this evaluation of what blended learning is and the benefits of the program.
  4. I like Steve’s list of questions to accompany a simple picture.  It would be a good way to create a story for students.

Flashback to some of my older posts from this time of the year:


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