Using student writing in class

Using student stories in class
One of my students’ stories!

I found this great idea on how to give students comprehensible input using the imperfect tense.  I created a similar lesson.  I used an awkward family photo and asked questions to my students in a Pear Deck.  Then, I gave the students the questions and had them find a picture to create a story.  They were really cute!

Today, I corrected any minor errors and printed out the pictures and the stories.  Then I created a crossword puzzle with questions in Spanish for my students based on the stories.  For example, I asked them to what each person ate all of the time.  (Hamburguesas are always popular!)  Students would have to read the story to find the answer- hamburguesas.  I really like that students are able to answer these questions and tell if they are correct or not based on the crossword.  (I promise that I am not asking for the name of Kanye’s wife- I am asking you to describe her!)  The input was repetitive since all of the students used the same criteria, but it was valuable and creative.  Students liked seeing their picture and work.  It also allowed students to get up and move to retrieve different stories.  That can be so valuable in every class!  Also, Puzzlemaker is my favorite way to make crossword puzzles.  Have you used crossword puzzles recently?

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