Brillante Viernes: January 22, 2016

Brillante Viernes: Jan 22

Happy Friday!  First, I wrote a guest post for Laura’s amazing blog PBL in the TL about how I find my Friday favorites here.  You should check it out!  If you are in Jonas’ path, I hope that you stay safe and warm.  Luckily, for you, there are a lot of great posts to read by the fire:

  1. Creative Language class is starting an authentic resource series, and it is off to a wonderful start!
  2. Teachthought shares what teachers who use technology believe, and it is so true.
  3. Debbie has simple and easy ideas to use word clouds.
  4. There are some great ideas to jazz up some of the questions that you ask in class.

Also, if you are coming here from Laura’s blog, here are some of my “greatest hits.”  Thanks for stopping by!

  1.  Chaos– a game to get students moving around
  2. Brain breaks in the TL
  3. El robo del banco– a robbery scenario for students to figure out
  4. Throwback Thursday- Warm up activities

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