Quick Tech Tips

Today, I wanted to share a few quick tech tips that I have learned.  First, in Pear Deck, I was able to add a picture to the drawing slide.  This is perfect if you are reviewing vocabulary, and you want students to label the picture.  Also, all of the pictures that they offer have the correct creative commons, so you aren’t just stealing a picture from Google Images.

Speaking of which, our instructional tech director shared that you can insert pictures with the correct creative commons into Google Docs using the research tab until “tools.”  This also works for Google Slides, and it would be perfect for an in class presentation.  It also provides the URL, so if students use it, they can cite their source as well.

Finally, do you use Voicethread?  If you do (or would like to), they have a free webinar on how to use Voicethread with foreign language classes coming up February 10.  Even if you cannot attend, they will send you a recording of the event!


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