Warm-up: Write poetry


Warm Up: Writing Poetry for Novice Language LearnersJust because my students are novices doesn’t mean that they can only write in sentences!  When I read Deb Blaz’s book (I suggest ALL of them though), she suggests trying all different types of writing.  My students in Spanish II wrote poems today as their warm-up.  Here are some ideas that your students could write:

  1. Acrostic:  Choose a word in the target language and write one word with the letter in the target language as well.  It is even better if all of the words are in the same theme.
  2. Cinquain: Line 1= title (one word), line 2= description (2 words), line 3= action (3 words), line 4= feelings (4 words), and line 5= title (synonym for the first word)
  3. Diamante: Line 1= noun or subject (one word), line 2= two adjectives to describe the first word, line 3= three -ing verbs for line 1 (-ando/-iendo in Spanish), line 4= four nouns, two that are associated with line 1 and two that are associated with line 7, line 5= three -ing verbs for line 7, line 6= two adjectives for line 7 and line 7= noun

I always like giving students new ways to use the language, and I have found this to be a fun activity!


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