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Short Tips and Reflections

Today, I wanted to share a few small ideas that I have been implementing recently.  Sometimes we become overwhelmed trying to implement new ideas; however, little changes can be just as effective for current practices:

  1. Before Free Voluntary Reading, I have been highlighting a few books or magazines.  It may be a newly acquired purchase, or I may have read it and think that it would be easy for students to understand.  Students have been eager to read these books, and they will look for them in future weeks.
  2. I have been using Zaption throughout this year, and it has been a big success.  Recently, they added the feature of Zaption Presenter.  As the video plays on the screen, the students watch as a class.  It will stop periodically to ask questions (like Zaption).  You can then show the answers as a group.  My students preferred to watch it as a full class instead of individuals.  A fellow teacher has been presenting the best responses after her students complete them for homework, and she found that students write more thoughtful answers since they are displayed.
  3. Today, I printed two articles for students.  One was on the NFL playoffs, and one article was about the Golden Globes.  I made a handout where students fill out who, what, when, where and why.  Then students have to write 6 questions about the article.  This will allow them to hold their own discussion about the articles.  I also like that I can use this handout for any article and for different levels.  It also allows me to differentiate easily because I only have to find the articles; I do not have to create completely different worksheets.  I have included it below.

What little changes have you made that your students are currently enjoying?

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