Brillante Viernes: December 11, 2015

Happy Friday and happy birthday (to me!)  Today, I am dedicated to looking at all of the little positives that happen today- talking with students, someone holding the door, the exceptionally warmer December weather and a bag of BBQ potato chips.  Even if it isn’t your birthday, I encourage you to do that because December can get so hectic.  On a side note, you can also listen to my current favorite English song to help!  Here is some inspiration for next week:

  1. Matt covers some digital tools for your tech belt!  As I have said before, I love Quizizz, but the rest are new to me.
  2. Carrie has shared her great integrated assessments for finals.
  3. I love these ideas for incorporating native speakers into your class- especially the guess who activity!
  4. Kara shares how she does leveled readings which would be great for embedded reading assignments!

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