These are a few of (my students’) favorite things…

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What my students are loving: December edition

The weeks before the holiday break can seem long with students’ becoming excited and short if you have to buy a lot of gifts still!  It is important to keep students engaged, but that task can seem insurmountable at times!  I have included my favorites and add yours to the list!  I will revise the list before next week, so people can have a good list to start the last week or two before break!

  1. My students always love a good game of Kahoot or Quizizz!  It is engaging, and you can use it to review any topic.  I encourage you to elaborate why a certain answer is correct or incorrect to make it more than a multiple choice practice.
  2. PearDeck is also awesome!  This post explains how I use Pear Deck.
  3. Yesterday, my Spanish III class created an infographic using Picktochart.  They said that they wanted to create infographics every block class!
  4. Since we were reviewing for the exam, we did not get to watch El Internado.  My students were really excited to watch it again.  Mike Peto has some excellent resources that I am sure took a lot of time to create.  Support his Teachers Pay Teachers site, and use these materials to make the video comprehensible for students!
  5. Since we also were reviewing for the exam, we did not do Free Voluntary Reading.  Many students cheered when I told them to get a book.  (What?!  I am so glad that I implemented it this year!)
  6. Finally, I ran into two of my previous students who are now seniors.  I taught them in 8th grade.  They were able to start singing a song that we listened to FIVE years ago!  That explains the power of song.  I have many of my songs here.

Help me and other teachers out!  What are your students recently loving?!

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