Three Day Texting and Emoji Unit for High Novice Spanish students


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My students have just taken their first trimester exam, and we have three class days before Thanksgiving break.  Instead of starting something new, I decided to plan a fun mini-unit that incorporates what my students know and adding in a few more details.  My objectives are that my students will be able to hold text conversations using Spanish abbreviations and emojis.  Finally, students will be able to explain why to use a certain emoji in Spanish.  Here is the overview of my lesson:

  1. I am going to introduce the lesson by showing them this article that shares the real meaning of the emojis.  Some of them are very different from how we use them.  Some of the vocabulary is a little tricky, and I plan on supplementing some of the words by adding different Spanish vocabulary that they know.
  2. Students will create a chart and record the meaning of the emoji in Spanish and English.
  3. Then I will share snippets of this article that reviews how to use text speak in Spanish.
  4. Sara-Elizabeth mentioned table texting, and I found this template to write in Spanish for table texting.  I am going to encourage students to use as many text abbreviations that they can as well as any applicable emojis.  They will complete a few of these as they “text” with their classmates.

This will be the end of the first day.  My next day is a blended day where they will be working with their computers. However, you could also do this without each student having a computer.

  1. I am going to put this video into Zaption.  It explains the meanings of different emojis.
  2. With Zaption, I am going to ask when students feel this way (furious, laughing and crying at the same time etc.)  Also I am going to ask them a type of text that they write in Spanish with this emotion.
  3. Finally, either individually or with a partner, I want them to create a short video explaining what text they will say in Spanish and what emoji they use.  They should use at least three different emojis.

This will be the end of the blended day.  The last day will be our face-to-face day.

  1. If students need the time, they can finish their video.
  2. We will screen all of the videos.
  3. Finally, I will have students take pictures using the props that I mention here and writing an Instagram or Snapchat post using their newly acquired text speak.

I am so excited to start this unit!

Edited to add: One of my colleagues sent me this addition! It is a news article on favorite emojis for each Spanish provence on WhatsApp!


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