Quizizz Practice

If you love Kahoot, you should try out Quizizz!  It gives multiple choice questions like Kahoot, and it gives students points for correct answers and for answering quickly.  Quizizz also has some other fun features:

  • It is self-paced.  Students complete it as quickly or slowly as they like.  They do not have to wait for the class to complete it.
  • They assign students avatars, and they show funny memes after the students get the question correct or incorrect.
  • It has wonderful analytics for each question at the end.
  • It still gives them the scoreboard aspect.
  • It is a variation of Kahoot!  Sometimes I have found when teachers find a piece of technology they like, they can overuse it.  Some students prefer Quizizz to Kahoot, and other students prefer Kahoot.  You should give it a try in your class.

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