Three Memes and a Gif

File from Tareando Instagram
File from Tareando Instagram

Seth Meyers is one of my favorite comedians!  (I still mourn his departure from SNL.)  My friend and colleague Hilary sent me this video.  It is called Three Memes and a Gif.  Seth comes up with a phrase, and then the actor takes a picture to create a meme.  They create a gif at the end.  You could easily do this in the target language!  You could use the automatic meme generator here to create the memes.

This is perfect for Homecoming Week (like ours.) Or just to get you out of the droves of Devolson (Dark, Evil Vortex of Late September, October, and November).  Try it out with your students!  I plan on trying this tomorrow with my blended students after a quiz, and I cannot wait!  Do you have any good meme titles?  You could definitely do the “Teacher does not assign homework and student asks for homework one.”  Let me know if you come up with an idea for a great meme!

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