#tbt en la clase de español

We are working on the past tenses in Spanish especially on the imperfect.  I wanted to personalize it and make it comprehensible.  I decided to celebrate #tbt (or #ThrowbackThursday) in Spanish class.  To prepare, each student had to email me a picture of themselves in Middle School.  (This is for Spanish III, so most of them are sophomores or juniors.)  They also had to complete a Google Form about their likes and dislikes in Middle School.  What music they listened to, what TV shows they watched etc.

When they enter, I am going to play older music in Spanish.  I am going to play

Then, I am going to give them cards that say Sí on one side and No on the other.  I am going to ask them questions based on the homework questions.  I would write Do you think this student listened to KidzBop?  Or do you think this student watched Disney?  The students will all respond with sí/no cards.  I will then flash the picture and give follow up information.  Finally, at the end, I will create a Kahoot that asks questions based on the presentation. I am so excited for this tomorrow! Have you ever incorporated this into your classes?


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