Noticias: 15 de octubre

Noticias 15 de octubre

Now that the school year is in full swing, I have been able to spend more time writing a new news article newspaper.  This edition includes information about:

  • The Rosenthal arrest in the United States
  • The World Cup qualifying rounds in South America
  • A Mexican artist exhibition at the Tate Modern
  • New Starbucks cafes opening in Costa Rica

Each article has a few links at the end if students want to read more information about the article.  My favorite activity with these articles is to do a prediction activity.  I give students statements in Spanish, and they predict if the statement is true or false.  Then they read the articles, and they correct any true/false statements.

  1. Hay una exposición en el Tate que se llama Empty Lot y es una construcción geométrica.
  2. Ahora hay partidos de fútbol para el Mundial.  El equipo nacional de Bolivia ganó un partido.
  3. El equipo nacional de Uruguay ganó dos partidos.
  4. El ex-vicepresidente de Honduras ahora tiene 10,000 cocodrilos.
  5. Ahora hay 15 cafés de Starbucks en Costa Rica.

You can also ask follow-up questions to get more of the details of each article.  I hope you and your students enjoy it!

Noticias- 15 de octubre

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