Quick tip: Great authentic resource for restaurants

Restaurant Authentic Resouce: Bolivia

As I was looking for news articles, I came across a wonderful resource for restaurants!  It is a review of different restaurants in Bolivia, but it would be very accessible for novices.  I love it for so many reasons!  Students can look up international cuisine in Spanish- Haven’t you always wondered how to order different sushi rolls in Spanish?!  Also, they list some national plates that students could investigate on their own.  (It is a little tricky to figure out what each dish means especially for novice students based on this resource alone.)  Students can choose which place they would like to eat and present what they would eat.  They could also find a restaurant that they would not like and explain why.  Students could also create a little menu with items that would be in a restaurant that they select.  It would also be interesting to compare menus.  Do they have the same toppings on pizza as we do in the US?  Intermediate students could write descriptions of the food that they find.  The possibilities are endless!

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