Brillante Viernes: October 9, 2015

Happy Friday!  The weather was finally sunny this week, and I know people on the East Coast were happy to see the sun after a lot of rain.  We have Monday off for Columbus Day, so I am off to Virginia Beach for the weekend.  I hope you enjoy your fall weekend, and read some of these great posts:

  1. Matt posted different ideas on how to create formative assessments using technology.
  2. I am excited to try this conversation circle idea from Colleen!
  3. Kara posted how she uses songs and gives a lot of comprehensible input about the singers!
  4. Elizabeth also has a great idea about hole punching for staying in the target language.
  5. I just found Señora Speedy via Facebook, and I really like her use of Kagan structures.  This would be great as we are reviewing in Spanish II and III.

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