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Last year, I fell in love with EdPuzzle.  I decided that instead of relying on journaling, the students would be watching a video for one of their blended days and journaling the other blended day.  This year, our tech coordinator decided that it would be easiest if people stuck to one program.  The program we are using is Zaption.  If you have not used Zaption, it allows you to put videos in a tour and add questions throughout.  Students are able to go back and watch the videos if they need to.

I have to say, I love Zaption, too!  There are a few things that I have noticed with Zaption.  Students can slow down the video.  This is perfect for students who get nervous with authentic resources.  With Zaption, you can choose from an open ended question, a multiple choice question, a drawing, or a numerical question.  You play the video, and when you want to add a question, you drag the type of question you want onto the video screen in Zaption.  DONE!  You can also add a discussion, but I haven’t tried that yet.  It seems promising for a foreign language class.  The analytics are also awesome (especially for my math readers out there!)  Zaption is also easy to embed into a blog or a LMS system.  We use Haiku, and it is great.

I published my videos that I have used to a group.  I am hoping that by doing so, you can see them!  With this link, you should be able to join my group and see the videos.  I am assuming that you probably need to join Zaption.  Do you use Zaption?  Do you have any tips?

5 thoughts on “Zaption Experiences

  1. Which one do you prefer? Students prefer? Which is better for feedback/data collection? I have been using Zaption but have friends that are pushing EdPuzzle as they say it is better for feedback/data, but I haven’t seen that in reviews/browsing EdPuzzle.

    1. To be honest, I think both do an excellent job. I like some analytics, but one of my fellow (math!) teachers loves analytics! She prefers Zaption. I think EdPuzzle is a bit easier to use initially for teachers. I think it would be better for teachers who don’t use as much technology. (Not that I think Zaption is THAT much harder…) I also like that I can leave voice notes on EdPuzzle. I like the Zaption discussion feature though. Overall, I think that both do an excellent job depending on what you need. Does this help?! Ha! I just think I keep going back and forth!

    2. I missed the part about students! All of my students were easily able to access EdPuzzle on a snow day, and I did not get any questions about how to complete it. I did not have that many questions about Zaption either. They both embed nicely into our LMS (Haiku), so that always makes it easier for students.

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