Simple Sundays: Sharing a room

As I have said before, this year, I have started sharing a room.  It is definitely a change.  Plus, the question remains do you stay in the room when the other teacher is teaching?  (Is it just me?  Do other people have that question?)  At this point, I do stay in the room for the most part.  I teach in three different rooms, so it is nice to just be at my desk without having to pack everything up AGAIN and try to remember what I need ANOTHER TIME.

I have to say, it is a really great thing.  I teach differently from the other teacher in my room; we do teach Spanish II together though.  He is really great at explaining vocabulary in Spanish on the spot.  I have to plan it out, but I am getting better!  He is also really good at asking questions of students on the spot.  I am again a planner with this.  It is really nice to watch another teacher even if you will not do everything alike.

The other day, we were discussing how I used Voicethread for my speaking assessment.  He asked if I thought about Google Voice.  Um, hello!  I had set up an account awhile ago, but it is something that I just don’t think about.  He is going to use it with his class.  It may solve all of my problems that I was having after my speaking assessment.

Even though we have worked together, this is the first time that we have truly collaborated.  I am aware that this is not the situation for everyone, but I would like to suggest that more teachers share rooms more often.  And if you are, try to think about what you can get out of sharing a classroom with someone.  What is the best part of sharing a room with someone for you?

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