Brillante Viernes: October 2, 2015

Yay for October!  In reality, it has been a big month for me.  I thought that changing from Middle School to Upper School would be a slight adjustment, but whoa.  I do not have as many “administrative” duties.  My schedule is very different though.  I am also wondering if it is my switch to doing more proficiency based grading assessments.  They are not as quick to grade as quizzes.  Has anyone else found this?

Also, I like to say that the rhythm of both is different.  This is definitely a new rhythm for me.  I am starting to feel more comfortable, but I know it will take some time.  Anyway, as far as blogging goes, I feel like I either have no clue where to start or so much to say that I can’t decide what to post!  I know that it will come naturally to me.

It promises to be a rainy weekend for most people, so here are some articles to read while you are inside!

  1. Here are 37 online resources for teaching in the target language.
  2. What a great post about pre-assessing students and setting goals using IPAs!
  3. Since it is October, Dustin shared his unit for Día de los Muertos with resources from other teachers too.
  4. Cynthia has a great blog about using CI to work with comparisons.

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