AuthRes for Spanish in a city unit


AuthRes for Spanish city unitIn my Spanish III class, we are reviewing some of the topics from last year.  They learned many city words.  I am using a few authentic resources that may help you!

  1. I found this map of Valencia’s historic center.  It is easy to read, and it is a good size.  I gave the students directions to follow around different landmarks then I projected photos from that landmark.  You could probably also try this with Google Earth, but I thought this was very simple for a listening activity.  I also like listening activities that do not always require writing to respond.
  2. I had students search for words that they knew in the following sources: a map of Parisian neighborhoods, a list of fines for pedestrians, and an infographic about a marathon in Mexico.
  3. Finally, did you know that Corte Inglés has a travel YouTube site?  It choose a video about La Ciudad de Artes y Ciencias in Valencia.  I like the videos because many of them are only 2-3 minutes.  I created a Zaption activity with this.

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