Speaking Assessment Reflection

This past week I used VoiceThread to create a speaking assessment.  We are reviewing families, and I wanted students to talk about their families.  I gave them question prompts to help them.  In order to facilitate this, we used VoiceThread.  Here was what I liked about VoiceThread:

  1. It was easy to start for me.
  2. It would call the students.  I think this allowed it to feel a bit more personal.  It also helped block out some of the noise since they had the phone to their ear.  It also doesn’t pick up as much noise with the phone.  Due to this fact, I was also able to have them all in the class to make sure they weren’t reading off a script.
  3. It recorded it all in one place to make for easy grading. (We used the same VoiceThread.  I disabled automatic playback, so students wouldn’t always hear everyone’s when they started.)
  4. Students reported that it was easy, and no one complained when people were talking at once.
  5. It took about 20ish minutes with me explaining everything which for the first time is great!

Here was the one big downfall: Many times the phone would hang up on students. Or it would start talking to them again, and it would confuse them.  I would let them call back, but I would prefer one smooth recording.  I am not sure if they talked too long.  Again, students seemed to get over the phone hanging up on them, but ideally, I would like to have a program that does not.  What programs do you use?  I thought about Vocaroo, but then they would all have to submit it, and it does not call the students.  I welcome more input!

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