Moving Classes: Quick Tip

This year, I am moving classes.  I teach in three different classes including in a portable.  I am waiting on my cart, but it has been difficult because I always write the agenda on the board and leave it up.  That is not possible, and it is hard because I only have five minutes between classes.  I have started putting my agenda on Google Slides.  Then, I can just project it from the start of class.  Here is an example of what I did today:

Google Slides for Moving Teacher

I can also change the picture to new comics as well.  The only drawback I have found is how long it takes me to connect to the projector.  I am hoping that this will diminish as I continue connecting each day.  For other teachers who move, do you write up the agenda in every class?  Do you try to project?  This is very new to me as pretty much my whole teaching career I have had one class to teach.  (My first year, I traveled to one other class, but that was it!)  Any other tips for moving teachers?!

10 thoughts on “Moving Classes: Quick Tip

  1. When I ‘travel’, I take a good size portable whiteboard with me with the agenda pre-written on it. I also pre-schedule a ‘bellringer’ to be sent to each student through remind so that when they enter class they receive it on their phones (those who don’t have smart phones can share). This gives me a few minutes to set up the projector and the start of my lesson while they are working on the ‘bellringer’. I hope this helps! You have been a great help and resource to me.

    1. That is an awesome use of the remind app! I can send notifications through Haiku, so that might be a good use of that while I am setting everything up. Thanks for your kind words! I am happy to help!

  2. I definitely feel you on this one, Maris, as I’ve always moved around. A couple of things I’ve tried:

    1. ask the teacher who is leaving the room to leave the projector on at the end of class. this helps a lot if you are in a room with a teacher who nearly always has the projector on at the end of class.
    2. write the agenda on a large sheet of paper and tape that paper to the front board (old school, I know, but it works!).
    3. (something I’m trying this year) put the agenda as my first slide in Pear Deck. as soon as I get to the classroom, I’ll write the Pear Deck join code on the board. that way, students will be logging into Pear Deck as I’m connecting to the projector

    1. Using Google Deck has been helpful for me, but I might think about using a piece of paper, too. I am so happy that my cart finally came in this week! Now I won’t have to worry as much about carrying 50 things to each class.

  3. I have shared classrooms for many years. Luckily, I don’t have to move this year. My mentee gave me the idea this year of printing out the agenda/ do now & putting it on a bulletin board in each room she goes to. I wish that I thought of that!
    I agree with Stacey’s #1. In addition, I’d ask the teacher (or a buddy nearby) to watch your kiddos in case you’re running late. It didn’t happen often with me, but in the few times I ran late I was glad that I set up my back up eyes in advance. Depending on the age of your students and the technology they have available, you could appoint a greeter or even an agenda writer.

  4. I’m lucky in that all of my classes are in the same spot, but during my two prep periods, there are other teachers teaching in my room so I can’t just leave everything up. What i do is display my “tocatimbres” activity on screen and have a large, portable white board where I post the daily objectives, agenda, and homework. I like this because then the objectives and agenda are always visible, even if I”m playing something else on the screen.

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