Syllabus and First Day goodness

Maris Hawkins Spanish III syllabusWell, I finally finished my syllabus!  Since school doesn’t start until tomorrow, and I am teaching classes with other teachers, I had to wait to create it.  Plus, creating a syllabus is not my idea of a fun summer activity!  Piktochart has a new syllabus template, so it was actually pretty simple.  I kept my Spanish II syllabus similar from the previous year.  For my class, I added an email reminder section a la Lauren Tauchman.  I also decided to add a few sentences about what they should expect from my class.  I was inspired when a few students were explaining my class to new students.  I thought I would write what I ideally want students to think and see about my class.

Tomorrow, I will see my students for a grand total of 15 minutes.  Therefore, I really do not have a big first day of school plan so to speak.  I am going to take attendance first.  (Quick side note, one year I decided that I was not going to waste my time doing that first thing… and a student was sitting in my class, the WRONG class for a long time.  Therefore, attendance first!)  I will explain who I am briefly.  Then we are going to do an idea that I heard from Alina Filipescu called Soy Yo.  However, that will not be the only Spanish that my students hear or see that day.  My awesome colleague Hilary translated our schedule into Spanish!  Every student will want to know what the schedule is, so now they will see it in Spanish (at least in their Spanish classroom).  Yay!  Tip: Write your first day schedule in Spanish.All of this is to say, that I hope you use this next year!  Happy First Day of School for all of the post Labor Dayers!

4 thoughts on “Syllabus and First Day goodness

  1. I love your syllabus! How do you keep track of the 20% participation grade? In my 8 years of teaching Spanish, this has been one area that I continue to improve upon.
    Thanks for your inspiring blog!

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