Brillante Viernes: August 21, 2015

MoCo Fair Time!
MoCo Fair Time!

Happy Friday!  How was your week?  I have ONE more week of summer before we are back.  I hope to soak up as much time with my little one before going back.  We went to the Montgomery County Fair this week, and it was amazing!  (Thus the picture above.)  Have you heard about Sesame Amigos?!  My son LOVES Sesame Street, so I will have to see if he will watch some of these shows.  I know he will if Cookie Monster is involved.  Here are some of my favorite resources from this past week:

  1. I really enjoyed this set of Tuesday Tips to stay in the TL during the first week of school!
  2. I am so lucky to call Stacey my colleague!  She gave a lot of helpful tips for PearDeck which is one of my favorite tech tools.
  3. Here are some more micro-listening skills to try with students.  You could easily spread these out once or twice a month to help students become more aware of the language.
  4. This idea of a student station is awesome!  It will go on my cart… (That I am hoping to get!)

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