Selfie Sticks Lesson Plan

"Selfie Stick in Rom." by Marco Verch.  (Feb 2015)
“Selfie Stick in Rom.” by Marco Verch. (Feb 2015)

On FLTeach and MoreTPRS, some people shared the Casi Creativo YouTube site.  In particular, they shared the café video which is truly my life.  The creator (Fred Lammie) has so many awesome videos on there!  There are many that could be used in the Spanish classroom including a great one about eating your vegetables.  (There are also some inappropriate ones, so I would not give my students the whole channel.)

I am starting to develop a unit about daily pop life for my Spanish 2 students.  I decided that the selfie stick video would be perfect for my unit (that is still developing in my head!)  I learned a lot at NTPRS about how to really use a song.  This is a result of the lessons.

First, I would start with PQA.  My main words are llevar and mejor.  Here are some of my questions that I would use as a warm-up and for PQA (Personalized Questions and Answers).

  1. ¿Cuáles son los mejores sitios en los EEUU/Washington DC etc?
  2. ¿Cuál es el mejor equipo de… (fútbol, fútbol americano, béisbol etc.)?
  3. ¿Cuáles son las mejores fotos de Instagram?
  4. ¿Sacas muchas fotos?  ¿Sacas fotos de un paisaje?  ¿Sacas fotos de otras personas?  ¿Sacas muchos selfies?  ¿Qué saca las hermanas Kardashian?

After that, I would introduce the song.  The handout has the rest of this information, but I wanted to explain more here.  I created a word cloud with the words of the song.  I want students to predict a line or a sentence about the song.  They can also use the words to write about themselves.

Next, I found a reading about places that ban selfie sticks.  I simplified the article.  I chose the places, but you could modify the reading if other places will resonate more with your students.  I purposely did not add any questions to this.  I plan to ask my students if they have visited these places.  Also, I have noticed places around DC that ban selfie sticks.  I want to know if my students have seen these signs.  Also, I purposefully wrote that those two soccer teams are the best in England.  I am fully prepared to have some disagreement.

Finally, I included the song with a cloze activity.  The video itself has the words below, so the students can watch the video.  It also gives a lot of explanation to the words.  I included a few follow up questions at the end.  I am really excited as to how this lesson develops (along with my whole unit!)  I included the handout below.

A last note- the video does include a bleeped out bad word.  It is also bleeped out in the transcript.  I decided to use it since it is edited out of both with my Upper School students.  Right now, I am not planning on using this with my Middle Schoolers.  Again, you know your students and school!

Casi Creativo Palo de Selfie

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