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My FVR Quest Continues!

One of my goals this year is to implement FVR or Free Voluntary Reading.  Mike Peto’s presentation at NTPRS really inspired me.  I am ready to go and VERY convinced that I need to start this year.  THEN!  I heard the Musicuentos Black Box podcast by Justin Slocum Bailey about FVR, and I want to email all of the parents and tell them that their students should have started reading in Spanish yesterday!  Do yourself a favor and listen to it!

Mike mentions some great books to include in your library.  I bought copies of some of the TPRS Publishers (and I would like to buy more- shout out to my department head!)  Some of the other books he suggests include: Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Captain Underpants, magazines and popular kids books.  I have found many of these at Scholastic Warehouse Sales. (I know, I know!  I went through my boxes, and I had so many books just sitting there!  Sigh…)  They are happening now all over the country.  If one is not near you, continue to check the website.  They also have a lot of sales closer to the holidays.

So now, I challenge you to watch the video, build a library and start FVR!


4 thoughts on “My FVR Quest Continues!

  1. I just watched that video too… it is very powerful. I once thought of FVR as an optional technique, like movie talk, but now I see it as a necessary component to any highly-successful language program. The trick, of course, is reaching that 98% comprehensible mark for low-level readers. Good luck this year!

    1. I completely agree! I do think there is something to be said that a student must like the book in order to get something from it. Also, Justin touches briefly on the listening component. It would be interesting to have a Free Voluntary Listening. But how would you get something that is 98% comprehensible in novice? I believe that Internado can be this, but I would like the ability to give choice. Good luck to you too!

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