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Brillante Viernes: August 14, 2015

We loved being in Virginia Beach!
We loved being in Virginia Beach!

Happy Friday!  One of my favorite professors from college wrote about how in August you have to admit that the projects you planned aren’t going to get done and you have to cram in all of the work that you were going to slowly do over the summer for the beginning of the year.  Isn’t that the truth?!  I am currently compiling a list of things that I have to do before school starts.  (Like read the summer reading book for school… oops!)  Here are some posts from this week for you to read over the weekend:

  1. Madame Shepard gives 5 tips to implement learning stations in the language classroom.
  2. I recently found Anthony’s blog, and he shares some of his favorite vocabulary activities.
  3. Catharyn shares some ideas on how to create good vibes in the classroom.  My favorite is #7!
  4. I love this idea of a virtual walking tour using Google Maps.

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