How to stay productive during planning

Stay productive during your planning period

Each year I believe that I come up with new tricks to become more productive during my planning period.  A few ideas that I have come across include planning out your planning period.  This sounds redundant, but it truly allows me to focus on what I need to accomplish.  Another idea is to start with the activities that you hate then you can get to the fun parts.  (I always save my lesson planning for the end!)  I have recently read about different Chrome extensions to help you focus on work.  One particular one is called Stay Focused.  You can set your own time limit and websites to block.  (Ahem Pinterest and Facebook- I am looking at you!)  For example, you could decide that you will only be on these websites for an hour a day.  Once you have reached your allotted time, those websites will be blocked for the rest of the day.

With this extension, you can also choose a Nuclear Option when you are trying to do report cards or write a rubric.  This can block ALL websites for however long you would like.  You can also set it to just allow you on certain websites like your grade book or class webpage for an hour or two.  I wish this was available when I was writing those papers in college!  I think that even being aware that this is installed on your computer will help you to be wise when going on social media.

4 thoughts on “How to stay productive during planning

  1. My planning period is so limited & there’s so much to get done that I don’t really have that issue during that time….. however, I do at home sometimes when I should be planning or doing school stuff…. I agree I should’ve had these things when I was in college too!! 🙂

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