Goals for 2015-2016

I am required to write goals at the beginning of the year, but I really enjoy it!  It is important to do this BEFORE the week back to school.  Who in their right mind can successfully write goals as they are attending 80 meetings, setting up their classroom/website and catching up with the school gossip?!  Here are my four goals for this year:

  1. Keep up with my yoga!  I have started doing yoga more frequently with Yoga with Adriene. (Love her!)  I may have to go to bed a little later or wake up a little earlier, but I want to incorporate it more into my routine.
  2. Use FVR (Free Voluntary Reading) in all of my classes.  I have posted about learning more about it at NTPRS.  I will keep it to five minutes in the beginning, but I am excited to use it!
  3. My department is going to use more Integrated Performance Assessments this year.  I am looking forward to developing them for both Spanish II and III.
  4. Finally, I am looking forward to developing my Spanish III curriculum.  I want to make it more comprehensible input (CI) based even though I do have to use a textbook because I am not the only teacher.

What are your goals next year?  I am most excited about FVR!

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