NTPRS: Day 2

I made it through day 2!  I really cannot express how much I have learned to use next year.  I post a few highlights here and there that teachers can use in their own classes; however, I really feel that a lot of what I am learning can only be learned by being at the conference.  Many of these sessions are 2.5 hours, and I cannot begin to explain all of the brilliant things that these teachers share.  Here are a few ideas that you could use in your classroom: (Disclaimer: you have to be familiar with TPRS for many of these ideas to make sense!)

  1. Craig Sheehy was hilarious and funny!  He shared many different ways that he retells the stories or his students retell the stories after storytelling.  In one scenario, the teacher retells the story backward.  It is HARD!  Students will have to listen and correct you because there is no way that you will not make an error.  Another great idea was to have students change the original story by either adding a detail to every sentence or taking away a certain number of details from the story.  This would be used when students are writing the story.  Finally, the teacher can pair the students, and one student retells the story while trying to slip in lies.  The other student is listening to call Balderdash! if he hears a lie.  The students can compete to see how many lies they can successfully slip into the story.
  2. Planning a curriculum with Carol Gaab pretty much blew my mind and made everything make sense all at once.  However, she shared a really great way to include stories with more than just a worksheet.  The teacher creates a word cloud with all of the lyrics.  Then, a student can write a sentence about themselves using many of the words from the word cloud.  They can also write a lyric that they think may come up from the song.  I really like this front loading before the students even listen to the song.
  3. I finally got to see the wonderful Martina Bex present!  She talks about literature circles.  She explains it all in her post here, and everyone in my circle was loving it!

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