Brillante Viernes: July 17, 2015

National Museum of Natural History by Daderot. (December 2009)
National Museum of Natural History by Daderot. (December 2009)

Happy Friday!  We don’t go back until the end of August for teachers, but I definitely had that summer is ending sooner than I thought moment.  I made a bucket list for my son, and we need to keep going strong!  This week, we went to a garden with a butterfly house and train to ride and the Natural History Museum.  I also dragged him to get tapas when we were in the city.  Good thing that he loved it!

This Saturday, I will be at Teaism in Dupont for a coffeeedu with some of my fave EdCampMetroDC people. (We will miss you Emily!)  Join us!  Then, next week is NTPRS!  I haven’t been since Austin, and I am excited to learn even more.  Look for more on the blog and follow me on Twitter if you do not.  Here are some great ideas that I found this week:

  1. I have been thinking about what Spanish my students would need to talk to others in a Spanish-speaking country.  Laura writes a lot of information here!
  2. Speaking of which, check out some slang from Spain.  Kids would love to know this! (Make sure they are appropriate… or ones that you would want them to repeat.  I don’t think we need to encourage “sexylady” a lot!)
  3. Even more ideas about IPAs for a daily routine!
  4. I am going to teach Spanish 3 next year, and I am thinking about using El Internado.  Do you?  Do you have advice for me?  I LOVE these graphic novels by Mike Peto and Dustin Williamson. (I am hoping to learn more next week!)

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