Help students study and make it stick

Study techniques
I was so excited to participate in #langbook this summer!  (I even moved my dinner earlier, so I could participate!)  The book was “Make It Stick” by Peter Brown et al.  It explains the science of successful learning and how students learn. It is very interesting and many of the ideas are counterintuitive, but the authors have the research to support their ideas.  Every teacher should read this book!  I am going to change some of my ways of teaching in small ways that I really think will impact my teaching.  I wish that I knew many of these techniques when I was in school.  My first step is going to be to educate my students on how to study.  I made an info graphic that they can keep and reference.  I want to teach them how to improve, and I am excited to see the results!

5 thoughts on “Help students study and make it stick

  1. I love the info graphic! It’s a quick reminder for your students as to how they should maximize their study time. Nice work!

  2. I would love to use these tips with my students. Would you mind if I shared your infographic with them?

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