Back to school news articles

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Last year, I started writing brief news articles.  I loved how timely they were, but it was hard to put them together at various times and keep them relevant.  I want to continue to do some this year.  Then I wrote one about artists, which could be used throughout the year.  I decided to put together some cultural ones that I could use each year this summer.

I wanted to put together a back to school edition.  It is difficult for me to find a wonderful website with a lot of information in Spanish-speaking countries.  I found this website about Colegio Peruano Británico.  It has lots of information about this school.  You could easily put together a web quest about this.  I summarized a lot of information in this article.  They even have Harry Potter like homes with a competition in the year!  Also, check out their menu.  Different fruit juices and dessert every day?!  I’m sold!

I plan on having my students compare this school with our own school.  I am really excited to share this with them!

Colegios en Peru

ps: If you want some authentic resources for back to school, I am also starting to try to post a few items on TPT.  You can check them out as well!

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