Spanish Netflix Movies

As summer continues, I know many teachers like to continue working on their Spanish by watching Spanish language shows or movies.  These can be difficult to find on Netflix!  Today, there was a whole category dedicated to Korean TV shows, but the Spanish TV shows were all buried in various places.  This post explains how to find Spanish language shows on Netflix. (However, it has some explicit language, so I wouldn’t share it with students.)  I watched an episode of Miss XV today.  It would be perfect for Middle School students.  It is about two girls about to celebrate their quinceaneras.  There is enough obvious drama for students who would not understand it otherwise.  What are you watching on Netflix in Spanish this summer?

8 thoughts on “Spanish Netflix Movies

  1. It’s not TV, but have you heard of the podcast Radio Ambulante? It’s kinda like radiolab but in Spanish. It has really great stories and is great for listening practice for students and for teachers who don’t speak much Spanish at home over the summer.

  2. Thanks for posting the link. I used to have netflix and I would check the Foreign Langauge section and was dumbfounded when some films from Spanish speaking countries were dubbed into English and didn’t offer Spanish audio. Plus they, along with most of the shows/movies, did not have Spanish subtitles available! Glad to see there are more options now.

  3. We have Netflix & Hulu Plus (no cable now), and one of my issues with a lot of Spanish shows is that they have topless women & other things that I do not consider good TV. I know other countries have different standards for TV & movies, but I am a very modest person and don’t need to see that stuff – not to mention that I can’t show it to students!

    A couple Spanish shows I watched this summer that I did love were Tiempo entre Costuras, Gran Hotel, & La Fuga (although La Fuga does have some cuss words). I loved the first two mostly because of the era they’re set in and although they were like a lot of telenovelas, they were more believable to me. I started watching Bandolera, but it didn’t have English subtitles available and was hard for me to follow sometimes, so I didn’t watch much of it. I started watching Doc Mateo, but it wasn’t really my style. I had high hopes for the Netflix Original Club de Cuervos that just came out, but within the first 10 minutes there were topless women and a ton of cuss words, so I’ve already decided not to watch it.

    I’d love to watch more Spanish shows, but can’t get past those low standards, so I might just stick with things like Blue Bloods and other shows I like in English that are dubbed in Spanish if I want to watch more in Spanish!

    1. I agree that I too wish they were more appropriate! Allison was watching Gran Hotel, so I will have to give that a try. I will have to check out the other ones as well. Thanks so much for your suggestions!

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