Revamping some of my listening activities

"Street Art Headphones" Wikimedia Commons by Wegmann
“Street Art Headphones” Wikimedia Commons by Wegmann

As I posted before, at the end of the year, I ask students different reflection questions.  While many times, some students LOVE an activity and others think it is the WORST activity ever, sometimes they match up.  This year, a few of my students wrote that the listening activities were difficult.  Now, I do different listening activities, but they were referring to the textbook activities. (More bells in my head saying get rid of that thing…!)

I decided to focus on that.  As I have mentioned before, I want to use more EdPuzzle activities in my blended class.  I dusted off my reading of Amy’s Ampping up Ancillaries.  One new thing that I want to try next year is start a conversation then stop.  I will have students either say (in class) or write (on assessments) what would come next in the conversation.  I could also do this on VoiceThread.  This also allows students to be creative.

It would be really fun later to assign students a character, and they have to respond how their person would react.  This still allows me to use some of the conversations in the textbook or podcasts online without having to rewrite all of my material.

5 thoughts on “Revamping some of my listening activities

  1. Hi Maris, Thank you for all of your posts. I always take the time to peruse. Thank you! Regarding podcasts, I’ve never used them in class and I want to start. Can you give me some ideas on which ones to use and how you use them? I teach Spanish 1 to high school freshman in south of San Antonio, Texas. Gracias!

  2. I like the idea of having them finish a conversation. That could be great in our language lab! The only good thing about the textbook activities is that it exposes them to speakers other than their teacher. I use a lot to try and expose them to other speakers.

    1. Haha the funny thing about that is that I end up reading them instead of dragging out the CD player and having to replay it over and over. That is why I love the websites too!

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