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Reflections on my beginning of the year goals

I submitted goals at the beginning of the year, so now it is time for me to reflect on these goals and my progress:

  1. I wanted to incorporate more culture.  I think I accomplished this goal by my Halloween celebration, use of authentic resources and news articles.  It was harder to maintain the news articles than I would like, and I look forward to including more next year.  I was also really proud about my readings about artists, and I want to write more of those that can be used every year (instead of my news articles that really cannot be reused.)
  2. I wanted to assess my students more on speaking.  While I felt that I was able to incorporate more speaking activities into my daily activities with VoiceThreads and exclusively speaking Spanish, I did not assess students like I wanted to.  I was also really excited about the use of EdPuzzle to use more listening activities, too.  I will continue to work on assessing speaking this next year!
  3. My last goal was to present at a conference.  I presented at EdCamp, and I was really excited about doing that!  I still want to submit a proposal and be accepted to present.  The Maryland proposal is due on June 1st!  Will I get my act together?!  I think I keep going back in forth about my focus though.  Feel free to leave advice on what I could present on based on reading my blog!

I am always excited to reflect on what I have accomplished and what I still want to continue to work on.  How did you do with your goals this year?


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