#teach2teach Grading for accuracy versus grading for correctness

I wanted to jump back on the #teach2teach bandwagon!  The question about grading for accuracy versus grading for content is a good one.  We are in the process of developing more Integrated Performance Assessments.  I echo what Amy said about the importance of rubrics.  If you look at many rubrics, the questions are clear.  For beginners, you the teacher should be able to understand them.  We are used to what our students are trying to say and what phrases they are trying to convey.  If I read it and I really have very little clue about what they are saying, then we have a problem.  But if they are talking about a girl and write something like ella duermen- I know what they mean.

At Edcamp, I had an interesting discussion with English teachers.  Many times, they pick a focus grammar point to check.  As much as you want to correct everything, this will be overwhelming to students.  It also inhibits creativity and risk-taking.  Also, are we really expecting beginning students to use indirect object pronouns?!  I keep exposing them to them and explaining what it means- and when they use them, I am OVER THE MOON.  But if a student does not include one- it isn’t a big deal.  Sara-Elizabeth explained to our department that AP scorers look for patterns.  Therefore, if a student makes one or two small mistakes, they overlook that.  When they constantly make the same mistakes, it is clear that they have not mastered that concept.

All this being said- I am still working on this question myself.  I am sure most teachers would agree.  As long as you find that balance that works for you, you will be successful!  To the graduates, best of luck and welcome to the teaching world!

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